Mould Remediation

2013-03-18 11.32.39There is mould everywhere on earth. It is part of our life. Some moulds are harmless. Some moulds are highly allergenic and can often pose significant health risks to susceptible people. Other moulds can be very toxic. Regardless of which category, mould growth in the home is considered hazardous and should be removed from the structure. Professional mould remediation is necessary to remove mould from the indoor environment. Mould spores are microscopic in size and can travel miles without landing on the ground. When mould is remediated from a structure it is essential that all precautions are taken for the safety of the home’s occupants and for the workers remediating the substance. Dryit has experienced, certified mould remediation who know how to remove mould quickly and safely. We also know all the methods in preventing the mould from reappearing. “We perform dry-ice blasting procedures to remediate hard to reach areas like attics and floor joists.”

Dryit follows all the industry standards for mould remediation, is properly insured and has work safe procedures drawn for each job individually.



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