Dry Ice and Soda Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting is a more effective and efficient way to clean!

DryIt.ca owns Dry Ice Blasting equipment that can effectively remove difficult smoke and fire residues, hard grease and oils from machinery and mould from all surface areas. The great benefits about using Dry Ice Blasting rather than other difficult methods is that they do not cause collateral damage to surrounding surfaces and fixtures like pipes and wirings. Dry Ice Blasting is capable of reaching small cracks, creases and wood joints whereas traditional wire brushes or hand cleaning process cannot. This process allows for a better assessment of fire damages, which are essential for structural inspection, health and general maintenance.

Recovering from fire and smoke damage can be quite costly when using traditional methods of media blasting, including sanding, scraping and wire brushing. These methods can be very time consuming and inefficient taking approximately 3 to 5 restoration cleaners and 5 to 6 working days depending on the job.

Using Dry Ice Blasting for fire damage is a more efficient and effective solution. This process only requires  1 cleaning in less time with fewer operators and cleans more effectively helping you and your business to recover faster and more efficiently from fire damage or smoke damage.

Dryit.ca also provides specialty services that are hard to find.

Soda Blasting 

Soda blasting is a common way to deal with issues on bricks, walls, and painted surfaces. One of the major benefits of using soda blasting is that bicarbonate soda media solution is environmentally friendly. It is a common process used within the restoration industry due to its ability to deodorize. Call now for a free on-site quotation for your cleaning needs.


James Lee Senter, is an IICRC approved Water Damage Instructor with almost 30 years of field experience. This includes many larger commercial losses. Have a job under control and just want to be duly diligent? Just want a consultant?

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We provide IICRC private classes for water damage and for health and safety.


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